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NV Joshi


Found in 6 Collections and/or Records:

NV Joshi, bulk: 2020-01-05, 2023-01-08

Identifier: OH-002-2
Dates: Majority of material found within 2020-01-05, 2023-01-08

NV Joshi - Session 01, 2020-01-05

Identifier: OH-002-2-1
Interview Summary (00:00:27) His name, parents, schooling in Bombay and siblings Joshi talks about his name stemming from the naming convention in Maharashtra, and shares those of his parents as well. He talks about being born in Belgaum in 1951, and shifting to Bombay. He talks about initially being in a Gujarati medium kindergarten school in Malad, but then switching to a Marathi medium school in Dadar, and then again to another school in the higher classes. He shares that his father was initially a...
Dates: 2020-01-05

NV Joshi - Session 02, 2020-01-07

Identifier: OH-002-2-2
Interview Summary (00:00:30) Follow-up from last session and what his siblings have pursued NV Joshi shares the name of the singer he was unable to recollect in the last session who was a student of his father’s. In addition to cricket and reading which he mentioned last time, he shares that in his school days he was also into physical exercising and table tennis. He goes on to talk about what his siblings pursued academically and professionally, including his brother’s time at TERI. He remarks that his...
Dates: 2020-01-07

NV Joshi - Session 03, 2020-01-09

Identifier: OH-002-2-3
Interview Summary (00:00:20) Structure and process of PhD and Joshi’s supervisor Joshi talks about his time pursuing a PhD degree at the MBU at IISc and what it entailed, highlighting the absence of present-day structured arrangements like seminars and regular meetings. He details the defence and examination process as well. He describes his interactions with his PhD supervisor, what his inputs were and speaks about his gentle and friendly nature and commitment towards his students.(00:07:47)...
Dates: 2020-01-09

NV Joshi - Session 04, 2020-01-12

Identifier: OH-002-2-4
Interview Summary (00:00:32) Interest in programming, programming languages and location of CTSJoshi talks about how his interest in programming developed after joining for his PhD degree and taking a course taught by C Ramakrishnan. He mentions the programming languages that were being used at the time. He also says where CTS was located initially before it moved to being opposite the Mathematics Department.(00:04:35) Formation of CES Joshi sheds light on the circumstances around which CES was...
Dates: 2020-01-12

NV Joshi - Session 05, 2023-01-08

Identifier: OH-002-2-5
Interview Summary (00:00:55) Last three years and early collaboration with faculty at CTS and CES Joshi shares that the three years since the last session, which coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, were most comfortable for him and he had no problems with being isolated. He speaks about how his collaboration with Raghavendra Gadagkar came about in the 1970s and how he was introduced to the Centre for Theoretical Studies (CTS) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He talks about the work he did with...
Dates: 2023-01-08